I’m Jesse, an aspiring UX/UI designer living in Huntington Beach, California. I love design, technology, and figuring out how things work. I have an entrepreneurial mindset, but enjoy working with others to create amazing things. Some of my hobbies are drawing, yoga and cycling.

Creative Process

  • Scope and Research

    At the beginning of a project, the most important thing is that the client and designer understand what they are trying to achieve. This includes defining the terms of the project such as requirements, timeline and budget. Research with all stakeholders and end users is the next crucial piece of the process in order to understand their perspectives and needs. This will often reveal that adjustments are needed to broaden the initial scope of the project.

  • Ideation and Testing

    Once the problem being solved and the user’s needs have been addressed, the next phase is generating possible solutions that will also meet business needs. At this point the designer should create ideas. Over time, these ideas will get refined through feedback and design critiques. This is the process of narrowing down the possible approaches to one or two that will get developed further and tested. The concepts will iteratively become higher fidelity before moving on to digital wireframes and eventually functional prototypes.

  • Launching and Measuring

    When the product is live, the measurement phase begins. Have the desired key performance indicators and metrics shifted? Is the design solving the initial problem identified? Are there any unintended consequences or surprises since the launch? At this point, the designer needs to keep an eye on web or application analytics and metrics to identify whether or not the product is producing the desired result.

My Skills


Fluent in PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery with experience in web design, UX and UI design, digital media design, email marketing, SEO, printed advertising design, mobile device optimized design, front-end API or data integration, as well as digital illustration and content management systems interface design.


Experience in responsive markup for mobile devices, web development in a LAMP environment, AJAX, Nginx, Apache and IIS web server administration including virtual hosts and SSL, working with RESTful API data in JSON/XML format, Windows and Linux servers paravirtualization management using XEN hypervisor, MySQL/MongoDB (NoSQL) database design and optimization for front-end markup using PHP, working in MVC frameworks, BASH and PHP CLI scripting, DNS administration using BIND and network administration for small to medium size businesses.

My Portfolio

I invite you to discover the creative workflow I bring to every project I work on. I have taken some of my best projects and put together a portfolio. Feel free to review the case studies where I present my work.